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Analogue Hearing Aids

An old type of analogue hearing aid

The majority of hearing aids sold today are analogue

This type of aid turns sounds which reach into an electric current which is modified in a miniature amplifier and converted back into sound by a receiver. That sound passes into the ear and is heard by the patient.

In their raw state, the analogue hearing aid amplifies all sounds at the same level so that a person in a cafe has the background noise amplified as well as the speaker who the patient is trying to hear.

Also any distortion in the sound running through the amplifier will produce a distortion in the final sound.

The critics of analogue are numerous but in fact many people will not part with their analogue hearing aid even for a straight swap with the expensive – upstart the digital hearing aid.

The use of refined transistors in the analogue hearing aid means that the sounds can be separated along two to three wavebands giving the hearing aid control over high, medium and low pitched sounds.

Supporters of the analogue aid say that besides being far cheaper than the digital hearing aid, it is also far more robust.

The use of comfort zones where the patient can simply press a button on a remote control, which has been specially pre-programmed for the patient has also added to it popularity.

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