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Hearing Aid Price List

Siemens Hearing Aids: The 'Siemens Group' is the 3rd largest public employer in the world with 461,000 employees and 'Siemens Hearing' is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids worldwide. Siemens are amongst the most innovative of the leading hearing aid suppliers and they led the way with binaural synchronisation and rechargeable hearing aids with the Siemens Centra and now also supplying power cic's with the Siemens Nitro. All hearing aid prices include VAT.

The Infinity, Centra, Vibe, Artis, Cielo and Acuris have all be superseded by the aids listed below

Make Model Half Price Hearing Price £ (GBP)
Siemens Micon Pure/Motion/Life/Aquaris/Ace/Insio 7mi £1,595.00
Siemens Micon Pure/Motion/Life/Aquaris/Ace/Insio 5 mi £1,395.00
Siemens Micon Pure/Life/Aquaris 3 mi £1,095.00
Siemens Aquaris 701 £1,495.00
Siemens Aquaris 501 £1,294.00
Siemens Eclipse 701 £1,495.00
Siemens Eclipse 501 £1,295.00
Siemens Eclipse 301 £995.00
Siemens iMini701 £1,495.00
Siemens iMini 301 £1,195.00
Siemens Pure/Motion/Life/Xcel 701 £1,495.00
Siemens Pure/Motion/Life/Xcel 501 £1,195.00
Siemens Pure/Motion/Life/Xcel 301 £895.00
Siemens Pure/Motion/Life/Xcel 101 £595.00
Siemens Nitro 16/700 £1,295.00
Siemens Nitro 6/300 £995.00
Siemens Intuis £595.00

Phonak Hearing Aids: Phonak have more than 60 years experience in developing and producing top range hearing aids. Their latest digital hearing aid is the 'Phonak Exelia', incorporating Bluetooth technology and colour screen remote controls adding extra versatility and bringing hearing aids into a new era. Phonak also supply remote control watches for easy and discreet use. All hearing aid prices include VAT.

The Savia Art, Eleva, Extra, Una and Audeo Yes have all been superceded by the aids listed below


Make Model Half Price Hearing Price £ (GBP)
Phonak Naida 9 SP/UP/CRT £1,495.00
Phonak Audeo Q90 £1,395.00
Phonak Audeo Q70 £1,150.00
Phonak Audeo Q50 £895.00
Phonak Audeo Q30 £595.00
Phonak Virto/Bolero Q90 and Nano £1,395.00
Phonak Virto/Bolero Q70 and Nano £1,150.00
Phonak Virto/Bolero Q50 and Nano £895.00
Phonak Audeo S 9 Smart/Mini/Yes £1,395.00
Phonak Naida 5 UP/SP - CRT £1,195.00
Phonak Audeo S 5 Smart/Mini/Yes £995.00
Phonak Audeo S 3 Smart/Mini/Yes £695.00
Phonak Audeo S 1 Smart £495.00
Phonak Ambra (and Nano) £1,395.00
Phonak Solana & Nano £1,145.00
Phonak Cassia (and Nano) £795.00
Phonak Naida Q90 SP/UP/CRT £1,595.00
Phonak Naida Q70 SP/UP/CRT £1,295.00
Phonak Naida Q50 SP/UP/CRT £995.00
Phonak Naida Q30 SP/UP/CRT £595.00
Phonak Naida 5 SP/UP/CRT £1,195.00
Phonak Naida 3 UP/SP CRT £895.00
Phonak Exelia Art £1,495.00
Phonak Versata Art £1,095.00
Phonak Certena Art £795.00
Phonak Dalia £495.00
Phonak CROS (in the ear) £795.00
Phonak CROS (Behind the Ear) £695.00
Phonak Milo Plus £595.00

Oticon Hearing Aids: Oticon have been developing and producing hearing aids since they were established in 1904. By the end of the 1970's Oticon hearing aids were being developed at the special hearing aid research centre located in Eriksholm, Denmark. Oticon have created a number of breakthrough systems including the first bluetooth hearing aids.  All hearing aids include VAT

The  Delta 8000, Delta 6000, Tego, Syncro and Epoq have all been superceded by the aids listed below:


Make Model Half Price Hearing Price £ (GBP)
Oticon Nera pro £995.00
Oticon Nera £795.00
Oticon Alta Pro £1,395.00
Oticon Intiga 6 (D60) £1,095.00
Oticon Intiga 8 (D80) & i 8 (Di80) £1,295.00
Oticon Intiga 10 (D100) & i 10 (Di1000) £1,495.00
Oticon Ino Pro (K90) £695.00
Oticon Sumo £799.00
Oticon Plus M480 £1,395.00
Oticon Plus M460 £1,195.00
Oticon Plus M440 £895.00
Oticon Plus 9K £1,195.00
Oticon Plus 7K £995.00
Oticon Plus 5K £695.00
Oticon M80 £650.00
Oticon M60 £495.00
Oticon K220 £1,495.00
Oticon K210 £1,295.00
Oticon HH3000 £799.00
Oticon Dual XW £1,395.00
Oticon Dual V £895.00
Oticon Dual W £1,195.00
Oticon Dual M9 £1,195.00
Oticon Dual M7 £995.00
Oticon Dual M5 £695.00
Oticon Chili SP9 £1,395.00
Oticon Chili SP7 £995.00
Oticon Agil Pro £1,495.00
Oticon Agil £1,295.00
Oticon Acto Pro £1,095.00
Oticon Acto £895.00
Oticon Hit Pro £650.00
Oticon Ino £495.00
Oticon Hit £495.00
Oticon Chili SP5 £695.00

Widex Hearing Aids: The new Widex Passion and Inteo are in our opinion the best digital hearing aids currently available, and the Widex Aikia was nominated best mid-range hearing aid. Lowest Widex hearing aid prices guaranteed.

The Diva, Senso, Senso Vita and Elan Diva have all been superceded by the models listed below.


Make Model Half Price Hearing Price £ (GBP)
Widex Dream 440 Passion/Fusion/ITE £1,295.00
Widex Dream 330 Passion/Fusion/ITE £1,145.00
Widex Dream 220 Passion/Fusion/ITE £945.00
Widex Dream 110 Passion/Fusion/ITE £895.00
Widex Clear 440 Passion/Fusion/Super £1,295.00
Widex Clear 330 Passion/Fusion £1,145.00
Widex Clear 220 Passion/Fusion/Super £995.00
Widex Mind 440 / Passion 440 £1,295.00
Widex Mind 330 £1,145.00
Widex Mind 220 £850.00
Widex Passion 115 £1,295.00
Widex Passion 110 £1,095.00
Widex Passion 105 £845.00
Widex Menu 3 £595.00
Widex Real £595.00
Widex Super 220 £1,195.00
Widex Super 440 £1,695.00

GN ReSound Hearing Aids: Resound are another leading supplier of hearing aids and their most advanced hearing aids incorporate sophisticated noise reduction and directional microphone technology maximising speech clarity in the most demanding environments. The Resound Dot has now been further developed to incorporate a push button for added versatility.  The Resound BE offers a new design for people suffering from wind noise problems and aslo offers a proven solution for enhanced localisation.  The new Resound Live has been developed with a new surround sound processor previous proven 17 channel WARP tm technology which offers massively enhanced clarity of speech whilst surrounded in noise.

The Azure, Xplore, Ziga and Metrix models have all now been superceded with those listed below.


Make Model Half Price Hearing Price £ (GBP)
GN Resound Verso 9 £1,595.00
GN Resound Verso 7 £1,295.00
GN Resound Verso 5 £995.00
GN Resound Lex 8 £1,395.00
GN Resound Lex 4 £1,095.00
GN Resound Alera 9 61 £1,495.00
GN Resound Alera 9 60 £1,395.00
GN Resound Alera 7 61 £1,175.00
GN Resound Alera 7 60 £995.00
GN Resound Alera 5 61 £895.00
GN Resound Alera 5 60 £795.00
GN Resound Alera TS5 £795.00
GN Resound Live 9 £1,495.00
GN Resound Live 7 £1,095.00
GN Resound Live 5 £845.00
GN Resound Dot 30 £1,295.00
GN Resound Dot 20 £995.00
GN Resound Dot 10 £795.00
GN Resound Be 9 £1,295.00
GN Resound Be 7 £995.00
GN Resound Sparx £895.00
GN Resound Vea 3 £625.00
GN Resound Vea 2 £595.00
GN Resound Vea 1 £495.00
GN Resound Essence £495.00

Starkey Hearing Aids: Starkey were first established in 1967 by William Austin and started by providing a hearing aid repair service. They are now the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the U.S and are proving themselves within the European market.  Starkey's S-Series aids are now among the top hearing aids available and they claim their hearing aids have the most powerful feedback cancellation system available.


Please note the Zon, Genesis DX and Destiny models have been superceded with those below

Make Model Half Price Hearing Price £ (GBP)
Starkey X-Series i1 110 (inc Xino) £1,395.00
Starkey X-Series i90 (inc Xino) £1,195.00
Starkey X-Series i70 (inc Xino) £995.00
Starkey Sound Lens Q 11 (Oto Lens) £1,995.00
Starkey Sound Lens IQ 7 Otolens) £1,495.00
Starkey Ignite 30 (inc Xino) £795.00
Starkey Ignite 20 (inc Xino) £595.00
Starkey S Series 11 IQ (and Wi il 10) £1,495.00
Starkey S Series 9 IQ (and Wi i()) £1,295.00
Starkey S Series 7 IQ (and Wi i70) £995.00
Starkey S Series 5 £845.00
Starkey E Series 3 £695.00
Starkey E Series 2 £495.00

Unitron Hearing Aids: With more than 40 years experience Unitron are becoming one of the leading producers of hearing aid solutions. Unitron have a state of the art research facility where the they have developed their latest models.  All hearing aid prices include VAT.


Please note the YUU, LATITUDE, PASSPOST  and NEXT range have now been superceded with the models listed below

Make Model Half Price Hearing Price £ (GBP)
Unitron Quantum Pro £1,595.00
Unitron Quantum 20 & Moxi 20 £1,495.00
Unitron Quantum 12 & Moxi 12 £1,195.00
Unitron Quantum 6 & Moxi 6 £895.00
Unitron Tandem 16 £1,695.00
Unitron Tandem 4 £1,195.00
Unitron Passport £1,445.00
Unitron Latitude 16 £1,100.00
Unitron Latitude 8 £895.00
Unitron Latitude 4 £745.00
Unitron 360 Power £995.00
Unitron Shine £595.00

Bernafon hearing aids  From Switzerland, an innovative design, sophisticated engineering and an endless effort to improve has elevated Bernafon to a leading position in hearing aid manufacturing.  Their 'BRITE' design leads the RIC hearing aids and was presented with the coveted 'Red Dot' design award in 2007.  All prices include VAT


Please note that the Neo and Brite models have now been superseded

Make Model Half Price Hearing Price £ (GBP)
Bernafon Verite / Chronos 9 £1,490.00
Bernafon Verite / Chronos 7 £1,190.00
Bernafon Verite / Chronos 5 £890.00

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