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Widex Hearing Aids

Widex makes the most invisible of hearing aids

Widex is focused on providing the world’s finest hearing aids through a complete dedication to advanced research and development. There are millions of users worldwide, enjoying the benefits of Widex premier digital hearing technology.

Throughout the company’s 40+ years of history, the overall challenge for Widex has been to develop hearing aids that fulfill the needs of the hearing-impaired around the world.

As a result of the company's past performance, the Widex has the reputaion for outstanding technological achievements. Time and time again Widex has presented innovations marking important milestones towards the perfection of instruments for people with a hearing loss.

Widex have the reputation of the latest technology, complete reliability and achieving the best possible hearing for any hearing aid. If there were a competition among professionals who work with hearing aids a Widex model would win hands down.

Innovative Solutions

We are fully in charge of our own research, development and production. Therefore, we only have to answer for one thing: our absolutely uncompromising drive to obtain natural and precise sound reproduction.

Targeted Use of Knowledge

The principle of always offering the best possible - as well as the most user-friendly - technological and audiological solutions was the basis on which Widex was founded in 1956. This objective still applies. Widex lives by knowledge accumulated over five decades, and continuously increasing.


All Widex hearing aids are subjected to extremely strict quality control. We are not content with just random checks but test all the functions of each of our hearing aids thoroughly. The professionals who either make, buy, sell or repair hearings aids are renowned for using Widex hearing aids.

Senso Diva ’s tiny digital micro-aid is out of sight

Widex latest miracle…Senso Diva

Senso Diva High Definition Hearing by Widex is here. Senso Diva is, without question, the most advanced hearing instrument ever developed!

It stands alone, achieving a new level of precise and accurate sound reproduction in a wide variety of listening situations.

The Senso Diva hearing aid includes a chip size smaller than the Widex Senso (which was already one of the smallest in the industry), 15 channels and 15 frequency bands.

Features include:

Fully Automatic 100% Digital Signal Processing

Senso Diva quickly converts sounds into a series of numbers. The tiny computer chip inside the Senso Diva quickly processes and arranges that series of numbers many millions of times per second to make soft sounds audible and loud sounds comfortable while background noise is reduced - automatically.

Revolutionary Diva Noise Reduction

The Diva noise reduction system constantly analyses incoming sounds in order to distinguish between people talking and background noise. When speech is identified in the presence of noise, the Diva's Enhanced Speech Intensification System™ preserves speech intelligibility and minimises the effect of noise. This gives improved listening comfort in everyday situations.

Nearly Invisible Size

The tiny computer chip of the Senso Diva is so small that it is available in all hearing aid styles. The CIC model is so small and discreet that others will not even notice that you are wearing it.

Directional Intelligence™ with the Diva Locator™

This enables the Diva hearing aid to locate noise sources and automatically adjust its microphone directionality to minimize the noise source so you can hear better in most listening situations.

It also has an Opti-Mic system that continuously calibrates its dual microphones so you can be assured of their optimal performance all the time. Because the directional effect is ensured with the Opti-Mic system, more consistent and effective reduction of background noise can be achieved. The total combination of these Diva features is far more complex than any existing hearing aid. This is why the Diva is known as the hearing aid with "Directional Intelligence™".

Processes Sound in 15 Channels

The Senso Diva has been developed to provide precise amplification of sounds to meet specific wearer needs. This is achieved through the use of a 15-channel signal processor with Anti-Smearing Technology that allows discreet adjustment to very narrow frequency (pitch) regions. This, in combination with many other Diva features, results in clear, natural sound reproduction and specific amplification that is tailored to your hearing loss and listening environments.

Maximizes Listening Comfort and Speech Intelligibility

Senso Diva's miniaturized computer chip processes speech and environmental sounds so that soft sounds are audible and loud sounds are not uncomfortable. Senso Diva "hears" the sounds around you and automatically adjusts itself to match your specific listening needs Cancels Annoying Feedback (whistling)

With previous technology, in order to control feedback (whistling), amplification had to be reduced. This minimized the effectiveness of the hearing aid. Senso Diva's unique Feedback Cancellation System is always on to monitor changes in the environment that may cause feedback. For example, when speaking on the phone, chewing, or in quiet surroundings, the likelihood of feedback increases. The Diva cancels the potentially annoying feedback without reducing amplification.

Advanced Music Listening Program

Music lovers will appreciate the possibility of changing to a listening programme where reproduction of music is given priority.

Occlusion Manager

The Diva Occlusion Manager optimizes the perception of your own voice with full, natural sound.

The Diva CIC is the logical choice for all those busy active people who will not accept that their hearing loss should affect their lifestyle or should compromise their communication abilities.

They cannot afford to miss important information at work or leisure yet resent he stigma and limitations associated with yesterday’s hearing technology.

With Senso you get never-too-loud nor never-too-soft hearing.


Widex quality at an affordable price

Bravo: Widex quality at an affordable price

The new Bravo fully digital hearing aids offer the benefits of digital hearing technology at an affordable price. The high-tech computer age has come to hearing aids, and many people with hearing loss can benefit from these outstanding devices.

The Bravo is completely automatic. No remote controls or adjustments are necessary. Bravo hearing aids adjust themselves to the changing acoustic environments in your everyday life. Non-digital hearing aids may not be as effective in different listening situations. What works fine in quiet situations may not sound good in noisy settings. The Bravo detects these differences and automatically adjusts the sounds.

Its astounding features include

  • Lower cost 100% digital technology

  • CD-quality fully digital signal processing

  • Compression with expansion so that conversational speech is natural, soft speech is audible, and loud sounds are not uncomfortable

  • Nearly-invisible size (CIC model)

  • Comfortable and clear sound quality

  • Automatic performance (there can also be a toggle-switch volume control if you prefer)

  • Provides less risk of feedback (whistling)

  • Long battery life, with beep tone warnings for battery replacement

Senso+ concept

Senso+…the easiest of hearing aids

The Senso+ concept is based on the philosophy that it must be as easy as possible to use a hearing aid. Therefore Senso+ hearing aids are fully automatic for carefree listening all day, every day.

And the hearing test and the fitting are performed in one operation. This gives the hearing healthcare professional the advantage of fitting your Senso+ hearing aid to the exact acoustic characteristics of your ear canal.

The heart of Senso+ hearing aids is a chip with a calculation capacity comparable to that of a Pentium processor. By means of this unique chip we can store millions of computations and data that make your Senso+ hearing aid respond according to the listening situation in a way very similar to natural hearing.

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