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GN ReSound Hearing Aids

The GN ReSound group is the world’s largest specialised hearing healthcare producer.

Our mission is to globally develop and market products and services to improve the lives of people with reduced hearing..

What makes the GN ReSound group of companies stand out in the hearing industry? It is a unique talent for leading in technology and product design. It is the deep technological and human behavioural knowledge won through many years of experience with in-depth studies of hearing in all situations.

GN ReSound CANTA 7

Canta7 is the first 3D Digital hearing aid with our multi-dimensional world of sound enabling all-round fuller, wider, clearer sound.

It includes exciting features such as a Digital Dynamic Directionality to ensure optimum speech clarity in background noise over the instrument’s entire lifetime. It also boasts an exclusive “LASER” system for superior sound quality, speech clarity, sharpness and listening comfort using 64-band Spectral Enhancement with 14-band syllabic noise reduction.

Canta7’s innovative 3D digital hearing technology relies on a software-based Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that just isn’t possible to implement with other technology platforms.

Feature for feature, Canta7 is the most advanced and most fully featured hearing instrument ever made se reduction.

Canta4 follows the Canta7 offering a full range of fully digital hearing instruments from BTE to CIC, whilst still incorporating up to date design and technology.

Key features vary within the BTE to CIC range they include

  • Dual Microphone Technology

  • 14 Band Noise Reduction

  • 14 Band Cochlea Dynamics compression

  • In-Situ loudness scaling

  • up to 3 environmental programmes, easily accessed by pushbutton

  • Ergonomic and modern design.

The Digital 5000

The ReSound Digital 5000 series employs a unique combination of digital sound processing technologies and the latest hearing science. The same digital technologies that are changing the world around us are used to help you hear more of what you want to hear, in a variety of environments and situations.

Main Features:

Natural sound enhancement

ReSound hearing technology closely mimics the natural function of the human ear. Like your auditory hair cells, our exclusive Digital Cochlea Dynamic system, divides the hearing spectrum into a multitude of frequency bands. The result is a natural sound profile that amplifies soft sounds while maintaining louder sounds at comfortable levels.

Directional listening

Our exclusive digitally matched Dual Microphone Technology (available with selected models) allows you to focus on the sounds you want to hear, for example, in restaurants when listening to someone across the table.

Background noise reduction

Like machinery, traffic, or air conditioning, background noise tends to be fairly constant, while speech and other natural sounds fluctuate in loudness. Our technology measures fluctuations in each of 14 bands, then automatically suppresses noise while preserving speech. Speech clarity and sound quality are noticeably better.

Feedback suppression

Unfortunately, anything placed close to a hearing device can create annoying whistling noises called feedback. We use a processing technology called Adaptive True Feedback Cancellation to virtually eliminate feedback.

Cellular phone interference

Using a digital cellular phone causes interference with most hearing devices. ReSound solves this problem by incorporating an ultra-thin gold surface inside the cases of our ReSound Digital 5000 Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models, effectively eliminating interference.

Additional Features:

  • An audible signal indicates the need for battery replacement.

  • Optional listening programs to enhance your enjoyment of music and other specific listening situations.

  • A special telephone program for improved phone use.

  • Products in a choice of colors.

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